Reviews from the field

John Dunaway

Life was designed to be lived and that doesn’t happen in one place. Music is my constant soundtrack so having Turtlebox that can go anywhere at anytime is the dream combo. From my barn to living in the backyard and on backcountry excursions, the battery will keep the tunes flowing.

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Pro Baseball Player, Outdoorsman

John Doxakis

Turtlebox has been a game changer for all aspects of the life I live. Half the year I’m traveling playing baseball and always carry a pair of speakers with me during that time. The versatility and durability allows for quality music anywhere around the facility. Teammates were fighting over where the Turtlebox would be located whether it be the weight room, batting cages, or locker room. Being able to to use this speaker in an any setting whether it be baseball season or chasing waterfowl in the winter makes this speaker unmatched. I never leave home without my 2 speakers.

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Isaac Neale

Whether listening to Music or Podcasts, I inevitably use Turtlebox for four or five hours everyday. I don't just use it for the sound quality or convenience, I love its reliability. I've dropped it in the lake and off the back of my truck, yet it still keeps me going through long days in the office and mornings picking up decoys.

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Outdoor Enthusiast

Seth Dortch

I place high value on quality product. The work I do and the lifestyle I live in the outdoors demands a lot of attention in what I choose to use on a consistent basis. There is no thought of taking it easy on gear for me. Turtlebox has not only proved its value with durability, but proved its value in quality of sound, and quality of moments it creates for me and the people I am with. Whether it’s on a work assignment, at duck camp, in the backyard around a bonfire with my wife and dog, and everything in between, playing the music I love with portable audio that goes just as hard as I do makes a difference. Sand, dust, mud, and bouncing around in truck beds, boats, and UTVs takes its toll on gear, and the Turtlebox continues to jam through it all.

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Jeremy Clark

I'd been on the hunt for a loud, waterproof bluetooth speaker for my skiff for quite some time. I tried many brands but none were tough enough, or loud enough to use while running around in the boat. Turtlebox speakers completely solved these issues for me, and also found their way into areas of everyday life that I hadn't expected. Making breakfast with the kids, working in the shop, playing in the yard, working in the garden, and many more. The kids bury them in the sand at the beach and I just toss them in the water to wash them off. When I leave the house for some time on the water there are essential items I mentally check for - keys, wallet, flyrods, pushpole, and Turtlebox. I honestly keep one with me everywhere I go. These things rock!

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Greg Grace

The 2019 Spring Snow Goose conservation season was shaping up to one of the most difficult seasons in recent memory.  Low juvenile counts due to a poor hatch resulted in low success rates for hunters across the US.  The highlight of our waterfowling season is the spring hunts.  We knew we would have to do something different.  Our plan was to go ultra-real, eliminate wires, horns and find great tracks.  We selected Turtlebox to replace the old horns because of the Bluetooth connection, high quality speaker and durability for the harsh cold and wet waterfowling conditions. We could not have been more right.  These speakers played tracks that were so clear and crisp it was fooling 30-year waterfowlering veterans into thinking that the sounds coming from the TurtleBox were real geese. The geese had no chance. Our success this Spring was due to these great speakers.

Not only does it produce a booming 120dB of sound thanks to a larger amp and driver, but it’s also waterproof and rugged enough to take the party anywhere.

Best Outdoor Speaker: Turtlebox Speaker

Anyone who has ever found themselves disappointed with other Bluetooth speakers for a lack of bass or a distorted sound when the volume gets too loud should really be considering a purpose-built speaker like the Turtlebox.

In a stroke of brilliance, they have even come up with Bluetooth Stereo pairing for when you have two Turtleboxes—Instant dance floor.

A huge amp and driver deliver deep bass, and the tweeter provides crisp highs.

Its sound is its primary draw, but as a side benefit, it's completely waterproof to survive the elements and can also charge other devices from an on-board USB-C port.