Our Story

We’re 4 best friends doing life together - canoeing the bayou, sailing in the bay, camping on the weekends.  We love music and high-quality gear. But when it came to a speaker that could keep up with our lifestyle - nothing got the job done.

Portable Bluetooth speakers broke easily and weren’t nearly loud enough, while “outdoor” speakers were uber durable, but sounded terrible. We needed a clear sounding, loud as a foghorn Bluetooth speaker that was also waterproof and strong. So we created Turtlebox.

We built the first Turtlebox in our garage - it was a waterproof case with a marine-grade 6x9 speaker mounted to the front and a car amplifier and motorcycle battery inside.  

It was something no-one had ever seen or heard. Everywhere we went, people wanted to know about it. We knew we had something special.

So we began ruthlessly testing speakers, batteries, amplifiers, switches, and Bluetooth modules. We spent over 10,000 grinding hours making sure every detail performed powerfully. We bought, sold, strained, pushed, stretched, dinked, and destroyed every portable speaker out there to make sure we could beat and exceed every single one outdoors.

If we were going to make a portable speaker, we wanted it to be the best outdoor speaker modern-day technology could offer.  After years of working with engineers from all over the world, we finally crafted a speaker we’re proud of.

We are Turtlebox