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Turtlebox Gen 2
jay tinney
Best Outdoor portable speaker on the market

Ive been using my Turtlebox speaker for about 6 months and I have to say this thing rocks! I’m an avid outdoorsman and love taking this speaker on all my adventures. Do yourself a favor and get one ASAP! 🤠🔥👊

Love these!

These are awesome! Keeps Turtleboxes very secure. Would recommend them to anyone who has a Turtlebox. Also love the color.

Love the look

Love how this hat fits and looks. I Get a lot of compliments. Definitely recommend it!!


Perfect fit, they work awesome . Very secure when I strapped down on my quad.

Cool hat

Bought this for my husband , he loves and collects trucker style hats. He wears it everyday. Recommend

Blue Turtlebox Live Free Patch Hat
Jeff Bezner, Co-Founder of Turtlebox Audio
fits great looks great

Live Free!


Shocked by the quality and sound of this speaker! We love it!

Turtlebox Gen 2

I use my Turtle box an avg of 4 days a week. 3 of them on the boat! IT IS AWESOME but that is not why i am writing this review! I Bought mine i think about April 2020. In July 2021 it stopped working so I contacted TB through a support email link. To my suprise, Miriam got right back to me sent me a label to send it in! She told me if they could not fix it they would send me a new one! This is without any extended warranty etc... Within 3 weeks I had my Turtle BOX back working better then ever! I have had many bluetooth speakers over the years BUT NONE COMPARE and any CO. that backs up a product a year after purchase has my business for life! Thanks again TurtleBox & Miriam for your super Customer service!

Tony Borleis
Rockhall, MD

4 stars

I wish it came in pink

Turtlebox Gen 2
Nick Bolognia
Sweet Hat

Was on the Canyon Lake in Arizona with my Turtle Box speaker, Turtle Box Koozie and Turtle Box Hat. Music was jamming, beer was cold and the sun out of my eyes. Great products! Hat fits nice, but now my daughter took it from me. :)

Turtlebox Gen 2
Barry Morguloff
Change to five star.

My first review was August 2021.
I revised my review August 26, 2021
I Heard my first turtle box in Austin Texas on the back of a scooter it was so loud I thought one of the clubs next-door had a live band. I purchased the turtle box and actually received it on my birthday after a few months of waiting. Originally I was not able to get volume levels as loud as the one I heard. The speaker does have amazing quality sound and the low end problems seem to have been resolved customer support has been amazing with quick responses to emails originally I was not able to find a contact phone number to see if I was doing something wrong and a technician would be able to help me. They ended up replacing the speaker I had an opportunity to pair two of these together until I put two of these together The sound blew me away both boxes together did the trick for me I am going to order a second box. I use the box around water I’ve had no problems getting it wet I think as long as I don’t keep it floating in the water I’m probably OK. Thank you to everyone at turtlebox for all of your help in resolving my issue.

To summit up one box is good volume level quite adequate sound is crystal clear plenty of bass
for my purposes however two boxes is the bomb that I was looking for.
Thanks again everyone at turtle box

Turtlebox Gen 2
Richard M III
Great Speakers and they back it up!

Sun, Salt and Sand... these speakers can take the harshest environment and still jam out!

I purchased a set of Turltebox speakers a year ago, August '20. They stay in the cabin of our boat and we use them on the beach almost every weekend. Best thing about it, is we can have good sound quality without having to blare our amped stereo on the boat to hear it when we are anchored! Recently, I had to send my speakers in for warranty. I had a power issue on both within 2 weeks. Keep in mind, these things are being used regularly in a NC beach environment. I sent the units in for warranty repair 2 weeks before 4th of July, and asked if it was possible to get them back by the 4th (steep request during these covid times). They did exactly that, and had them back to me before the 4th. As a business owner, I highly appreciate not just a great product but great companies who back their product. Turtlebox is great company and could not speak more highly of the speakers.

Just a side note: if you have a phone that is capable of sending music to 2 or more bluetooth devices at once for music, you can play on 2 Turtlebox speakers on the beach (since they pair to each other on their own signal) and play it on your boat or other bluetooth stereo simultaneously using the second bluetooth signal. Which makes for a good time to say the least.

Turtlebox Gen 2
Michael Johnson
No gimmicks, these are the best out there

I own and run an extremely busy metal fabrication company in Texas. Working with music in the background is a must. The issue has always been the exposure to the elements you’d expect in a welding shop (plus Texas humidity) have smoked the Bose, JBL’s, and any others brands I‘ve owned. Turtlebox is the only speaker I’ll spend my hard earned money on in the future. It’s never lost a step, and it’s the only speaker that can handle the elements of our shop. These are the best, most durable, and quality speakers you can own.

Turtlebox Gen 2
Marla Bogaerts
Best Speaker Out There

I bought one of these for my dad and he loves it so much everytime he uses it, which is all the time, he sends me pictures of it's adventures. I think he's just really hinting he wants another one.

Turtlebox Gen 2
Valdez family

I did some research and came across these speakers. Decided to go for it and bought 2. I was a little spooked hoping it was worth the money but man o man was it! Almost a full year and one started to act up then the other, called turtle box and they sent me new ones no problem. Great company and amazing product. I love loud music and this thing does it! Rodeo, ropings, boating, kayaking trips, and pipeline job sites, still ticking! Heading to the lake with em now!

Turtlebox Gen 2
Mark Stewart
Outstanding Speaker

This is by far the Best Speaker I’ve ever owned and totally worth the money!

Turtlebox Gen 2
1949 Willys Jeepster sound

I own a Bose and it just was not cutting it as a portable sound system in my antique auto. I just place Turtlebox on the back seat of my convertible and it’s as loud as any installed system. It keeps my car authentic and at the same time gives it modern sound. It’s also used constantly on my new outdoor deck instead of the installed home stereo. It’s that good!

Turtlebox Gen 2
Chris Rodway
Awesome Speaker

I purchased the Turlebox to use in my side x side while riding trails. This thing has amazing sound in a small package. It in my go to Bluetooth speaker.

Better than Bose

I’ve had a pair of these speakers since October. I gotta say they’ve been the best speakers I’ve ever had. They’re just clear or clearer than Bose. You can’t beat how loud they are. I have a 500 yard shooting range and I put them at to far target and you could still hear them from 500 yards. Definitely worth the money.

Turtlebox Tie-Down Kit
Nick Bolognia

These work perfect! Used them on my Yeti Haul and had tunes playing while hauling the cooler from to spot to spot. Well done!

Turtlebox Koozie
Nick Bolognia
Actually Really Nice

Bought one and it's actually really cool. Hugs the taller can of Coors Light great! I usually use a Yeti colster, but this one is nice too!

Turtlebox Gen 2
Jennifer Sevier
My apologies

I left a poor review prior to receiving my speaker about the slow shipping. If there is a way to remove that review I would gladly do so. The wait was worth it, costumer service was extremely nice during all of this. Speaker is loud. Looks great. Perfect for me to carry back and forth to work everyday. Extremely courteous staff, extremely well built speaker!

Compact, portable, well made, easy to set up

I bought this to use for outdoor dance parties, that I will be hosting under a four lane bridge by the water. I’ve only tried it once, on a fairly windy day, with a lot of road traffic, but only out by myself. I hope to host dances of 20-30+ people. At full volume it was clear and the sound carried. It was loud enough but not over powering. I had previously tried to use a B&O Beolit 20 speaker, which has excellent sound fidelity and is loud enough in indoor places, but outside, you couldn’t hear at 10 feet.

The manual that comes with it is out of date and is for the previous model. There is not much clearance between the handle and the speaker and I have fairly small hands.

The speaker is very portable, compact, rugged, and well made. It is very easy to set up.

I had pre-ordered this and they were prompt in keeping me updated on the status.

Turtlebox Gen 2
sick sound

I take this out on the side by side and it is loud but sound great at all volume levels. its always covered in mud and sand but never has a problem i have owned it for 3 years it's flawless.

I know it's a lot of money but you wont need to buy anything else for a long time. The battery life is sick it lasts for hours on high. It fell into the water off the boat and it floated I picked it up still playing and it was fine.

Turtlebox Gen 2
Andy Campbell
Okay. I guess they're worth the price.

Good music makes any experience better. That's been my reasoning behind a dozen or so wireless speaker purchases I've made over the years. I was a bit afraid that my new Turtleboxes would join a growing family of overpriced and underused Bluetooth speakers that sit in my storage room. These aren't that kind of speaker! They get used, constantly. At cookouts and tailgates, during remodeling projects, in the backyard. We seem to always have them on. Here are the biggest reasons for their heavy use: 1. They're loud enough to be heard over any and all noise. 2. The sound quality is exceptional. These speakers are enjoyed, not just dealt with. 3. The durable housing allows for confident use in any environment. - If your life could use some more music. Do it right. Get yourself a Turtlebox.