Our Playlists

Shane Dorian on the REI Co-Op Podcast

Shane Dorian recently sat down with Shelby Stanger, host of the "Wild Ideas Worth Living" podcast and shares some wisdom about overcoming fear, raising his kids, and how surfing has evolved in his lifetime.

Labor-Less Labor Day

Kick your feet up and chill for a while. you earned it!

RGC Mad Scramble Tour- Chicago 08/12

Listen to the crowd favorites from the Chicago stop on the RGC Mad Scramble Tour.

Matt Pittman - 4th of July

Matt put this playlist together for us while sitting on the beach in florida & it shows! It'll make you want to throw some jorts on, drink out of a red solo cup and light off some fireworks in spite of what your HOA is tellin' you. Happy 4th of July, Y'all!

Original Orange Nostalgia

Some of our favorite tunes that take us back to the very beginnings of Turtlebox and our days out on the bayou. An ode to early-ish 2000's pop, folk and dance music that makes you think about the good old days

Road to Charleston

The songs that keep us between the lines and headed In the right direction. a playlist for those long drives where something exciting awaits you on the other end of the route.

John Dunaway Ambassador Playlist

"Jack of all trades, master of none. A playlist as scattered as my pursuits." Our pal John knows good music in great variety and just as he puts it, this ones all over the place.

Fly Lords Angler's Playlists

In a collaborative effort with our friends at Fly Lords, put together for you here are a few playlists to provide a soundtrack to your next fishing adventure or when you're hanging out and talking about your last fishing adventure, or really any time at all. From Bob Dylan to Billy Strings, there's plenty of vibes to choose from.

TB Spring Fling Playlist

All the jams from Spring Fling '23. The perfect mix for an outdoor party on a sunny day.

Turtlebox and Epic Western's Cinco de Mayo

From Cumbia to Country we've taken this playlist down to the border and back again. Our amigos from Epic Western Cocktail Co. helped us in assembling a fun list of tunes to inspire a proper fiesta!

The Journey to Brand Maturity

The kind & inquisitive folks on the Backcountry Marketing podcast sat down with Jon and dug through his cerebral file cabinet to find out more. Take a listen as he shares his thoughts about brand maturity, balance in growth and much more...

#1982 - John Hennessey

Our friend John Hennessey made an appearance on "The Joe Rogan Experience" and mentioned how he uses his Turtlebox for jamming in his classic ride. (@ the 5:00 minute mark) Give it a listen!

Lend your ears! The Dad’s On The Fly podcast sits down with our Co-Founder Will Bradley

Listen to Will tell our origin story, share the meaning of our “Live Free” motto and how those words have inspired him as a father to three little ones.

Turtle Stereo Songs

Check out these songs that really highlight the stereo separation of two Turtleboxes. Guaranteed to make you smile.