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Anthony Thomas

Perth, Western Australia

Bareback Bronc Rider & Cattle Rancher

Born in Perth, Western Australia, Anthony escaped a troubled childhood and after leaving home at the age of 12, found refuge and his calling, learning how to tame wild horses and competing in the rodeo. After years spent competing locally and climbing the ranks, Anthony took home the 2011 Australian Bareback Title. This prompted a move to North America, where the stakes were higher, the lights were brighter and the broncs were tougher.

With hard work and dedication, the risk paid off. Anthony found consistent success, landing in the top 15 for bareback riders in the nation. When the pandemic shut down rodeo operations, Anthony took the opportunity to fulfill a dream and launch his own farm to table beef business, Thomas Cattle Co, & Catering. He runs his operation just outside of Houston in Humble, TX implementing years of worldly experience, passionately raising the highest quality cattle he can. As his 13 year rodeo career winds down, we are excited to watch Anthony’s next chapter unfold. Turtlebox is proud to support Anthony, his western way of living and the cowboy inside of all of us.

What is your profession? Did you always know this is what you would end up doing or was it something you "stumbled into"?

I’m a professional rodeo cowboy and owner of Thomas Cattle & Catering. A Texas owned and operated Farm to Table beef business.
All my life all I ever wanted to be was a cowboy. Running away from home at a young age, ended up on an outback cattle station where I walked into my purpose of taming and caring for wild horses and cattle. I fell into a professional rodeo career which led me to the USA to pursue my dreams.

Favorite movie?

8 Seconds

Favorite book?

The bible. The only book I read.

Most inspiring quote, piece of art, saying, or advice that has impacted the way you live today?

You are right where you need to be right now. God has placed you here today with a plan and a purpose that is way beyond human comprehension. Walk in it.

When you're not working, what are you doing for fun?

Hunting, fishing and taming wild horses.

Coolest place you've ever traveled?

The Rocky mountains of Southern Alberta

Bucket list destination you haven't been yet?

Alaska, to kill a Yukon moose and catch wild salmon

You’re stranded on a deserted island - who is coming with you and why?

Drew Hass and Will Bradley, fellow survivalists and catch and cook experts.

You get to have drinks with anyone (dead or alive) - who are you calling?

A wild bushman from back home named Fred.

What advice would you give an 18-year-old that wants to do what you do?

Don’t be silly son, stay in school.

Favorite wild meat/fish to eat? (i.e. venison, dove, quail, king fish, redfish, etc.) And in what kind of meal do you prepare it/eat it?

I like to catch trout from mountain streams when I’m in Montana, pan fry them with some spices and smoked salt, on a fire by the stream where I caught it. Elk backstrap, sear to rare, hot and fast!

What’s your favorite element of Turtebox? (battery life, durability, waterproofness, sound, togetherness, elevating experiences)

I love everything about Turtlebox. I love the people and the vision that the company represents, I love how the toughness and durability can stand the abuse that my lifestyle entails.

How do you use your Turtlebox?

I use my Turtlebox every day, whether it be cooking in the house, in the locker rooms at a rodeo, or out enjoying the great outdoors hunting and fishing.

Name the most famous contact in your phone

Tim O’Connell. World champion bareback rider.

The Color that Started it all

A nod to our first garage-built speaker.