Turtlebox Speaker (Original Green)
Turtlebox Speaker (Original Green)
Turtlebox Speaker (Original Green)
Turtlebox Speaker (Original Green)
Turtlebox outdoor bluetooth hunting speaker extended battery life, waterproof, impact resistent
Turtlebox loud outdoor portable bluetooth speaker skiff boat fishing fly long battery
Turtlebox loud outdoor portable audio long battery adventure speaker travel waterproof lake mountains
Turtlebox loud outdoor portable beach speaker audio long battery bike bicycle fishing
Turtlebox loud outdoor portable bluetooth speaker audio waterproof ATV side-by-side ranger speaker hunting dog camping adventure
Turtlebox best loud rugged outdoor portable bluetooth beach speaker audio sand volleyball frisbee
Turtlebox Speaker (Original Green)
Turtlebox Speaker (Original Green)
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Turtlebox Speaker (Original Green)

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Let your ears be the judge with our 60-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee, including free return shipping.

1-Year No Questions Asked Warranty / Limited Lifetime Warranty. If anything goes wrong for 1-year after your purchase, we will repair or replace your unit.

TURTLEBOX is loud, portable, waterproof and impact resistant, the perfect speaker for all your life’s adventures.  Get crystal clear, distortion-free sound at up to 120dB that you can bring anywhere!
  • Made for your Rugged Lifestyle - IP67 Fully Waterproof & Dustproof, Impact Resistant with Built-in Tie Down Anchors. Waterproof Cap with Tether to Protect Port Openings from the Elements. Stainless Steel Hardware for Corrosion Resistance. 
  • Designed for Outdoors - Our Optimized Frequency Curve Ensures Sound that Cuts Through Wind and Travels Distance.
  • Plays for Days - 50+ hours of music at easy-listening volume and 8 hours at max volume.  57 watt-hour built-in Lithium Ion battery pack (6 cells); Auxiliary Input (Standard 3.5mm - cord included); Standard USB 2.0 Mini B Charging Port.
  • Bluetooth Stereo Pairing - Wirelessly Connect any Two Turtlebox speakers for True LEFT/RIGHT Stereo Imaging. Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity. 
  • Grab and Go - Extremely Portable, Lightweight and Compact. Comfortable Rubber Handle and Large Rubber Feet. Dimensions: 11.5" W x 6.5” D x 8.75” H; Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Marine Grade Speaker - 6"x9" Polypropylene Speaker Cone with Rubber Surround and High-Efficiency Driver; 1" tweeter; True 50-watts RMS from a Class-D Amplifier; FCC & IC Certified.
  • LED Control Pad - Illuminated LED Rubber Control Pad including Volume Control and Track Skip & Low-Battery Level LED Indicator.

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