Turtlebox was designed and created by four friends with a desire to LIVE FREE. We love life, adventure, and the outdoors - we also love music, and believe that all aspects of our lives are better when blended with great music.   

Our music needs to be loud, clear, and full. It needs to play a LONG time, and we need it to be weatherproof. Turtlebox is our answer. We take it EVERYWHERE.
The Turtlebox team is based out of Houston, TX, where we enjoy canoeing, sailing, biking, hunting, fishing, and eating good BBQ with friends. For us, Turtlebox simply makes all of these things better.

Our hope is that we get to share our love for life, music and adventure with all who come in contact with Turtlebox.  

The Turtlebox Team

To contact the turtlebox team, please email us at:  info@turtleboxaudio.com