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Ketchikan, AK

Mossy Oak’s Rob Kinney put his Turtlebox to the test in the Alaskan Archipelago, Here’s what he had to say...

No matter where you are, even if you happen to be on the back deck of a cabin cruiser floating in the deep fjords of southeast Alaska, there’s no other speaker that can instantly set the vibes quite like a Turtlebox can.

Traveling with the Turtlebox was simple. It fit easily in my carry-on bag with a laptop, change of clothes, and a camera. The durability of the Turtlebox really shined on this trip. It lived on the back deck of the boat through rain, snow, sleet, duck blood, and salt spray and it held up great. It even took trip into the water, floating away with the rising tide... we got it back.

As a photographer, I’ve got a ton of fragile and water-hating gear. It’s nice to never have to worry about my Turtlebox. Toss it around. Get it in the water. Drop it on the rocks. It just keeps going.

Rob Kinney testing Mossy Oak Speaker
Rob Kinney with friends in a boat

On a sunny Alaskan morning, “Jeremiah” by Sierra Ferrell rang out from the back deck as our guide and friend, Jeremiah ladled his wife’s soup into bowls as we sat together at the cabin, sharing a meal as we talked and laughed about the morning’s hunt.

I’ve never been sorry for a photo I’ve taken, only the ones I haven’t. In the same way, when I had the chance to go to Alaska this fall to document sea duck hunting for Mossy Oak, there wasn’t a chance that my Turtlebox was being left behind.