The Best Speaker for the Beach


As you are about to get in your car to meet your friends at the beach, you think, “Someone has to be bringing a speaker, right? Well, I might as well bring one… just in case.”

Instinctively, you head right towards the largest, loudest speaker you have. One of those with wheels that looks like a guitar amp. Then, a picture of you struggling to drag this speaker through the sand pops into your head. “You know what, I’ll just bring my smaller speaker. That should do the trick.”

Now, it’s that time of the day when everyone is in agreement that some music is in order. Your friend asks you to play a song that she’s had stuck in her head all day. You turn it on, but double-take at the volume setting on your phone. Oh man, it doesn’t go any louder. The waves manage to drown out your friend’s favorite song, leading to her asking the inevitable question, “Hey, mind turning up the volume?” Uh oh.

We understand that feeling, when it is just the right time to listen to just the right song and you can’t quite achieve the volume needed to forget about everything else but the moment. 

This escape, disregarding the past and future to completely living in the now, is something we look for as often as possible. Whether it’s found through fishing, hunting, exploring, listening to nature, or just listening to some loud, great music, don’t stop chasing that moment.

Loud Portable Speaker Creates Memorable Experiences

Co-founders Will, Jon, Reagan, and Jeff have created some special moments on the beach with the Turtlebox. A common theme emerged from random people stopping by to either comment on how good or how loud their speaker was. This resulted in groups breaking out into a full-on dance party. The kind where you get lost in the moment, listen to the music, and dance without a care in the world. Just the kind of escape that we seek. Where you are truly living free.

With this in mind, we don’t want you to have to sacrifice volume for portability, or vice versa. A Turtlebox is built to handle the sandy beach, the loud waves, and the trek required to reach your favorite spot.

The Loud-Portable Dilemma


You don’t have to be near water for a speaker to unexpectedly get wet. Rain or a spilled beverage can all too easily take your music out. If anything, the peace of mind gained from being able to experience a caution-free attitude towards your speaker is what we look for in terms of durability.  

The Turtlebox Gen 2 is rated IP67. In other words, feel free to toss this bad boy in one-meter deep water for up to 30 minutes. When you take it out of the water, don’t worry about accidentally dropping it in the sand. It is completely protected against dust. Just pick it back up and clean it off when you get back home. 


The third fundamental aspect of the best beach speaker is portability. When you think about portability, it is most likely something that is compact, easy to carry, and lightweight. You don’t want to make an extra trip just for the speaker or have to consciously organize your truck to leave room for a bulky one. 

The Turtlebox Gen 2 is the size of an old-school lunch box. Tuck it into any nook or cranny that’s left after a bulk of the packing is complete. When it comes time to unload your gear and transport it to the beach, get a good grip on the extra-wide handle found on the top side of the speaker and you’re good to go. It isn’t just the size of a lunch box, it also carries just as easily as one. The handle is rubber, and the speaker only weighs 10 lbs, making long treks with it a piece of cake.


That all sounds great… but how loud is it? The Turtlebox was made to be loud so that the only time you are double-taking at your phone is when you realize that it can get louder. Do you know how some songs just sound better in your car or at a live concert? That’s because of one word: volume. Well, we want you to have that same feeling when you are at the beach.

The Turtlebox Gen 2 allows for distortion-free sound up to 120db. For reference, according to the National Library of Medicine, two-meter high waves produce a sound pressure level of 78db. We’ve designed this loud, portable speaker to cut through the wind so that your friend isn’t asking you to turn up his favorite song. If you want to unlock the full potential of certain songs, pair two Turtlebox gen 2 speakers together to get true left-right stereo sound.

Let Your Ears Be the Judge

At the end of the day, we understand that reading about a product like a speaker only does it so much justice. You need to experience this for yourself to truly come to a conclusion. Let your ears be the judge and try out our 60-day risk-free trial here. If you aren’t satisfied, we will send your money back, no questions asked.