Road Trip Essentials with Jonathan


Turtlebox co-founder Jonathan is currently in the middle of a 60 day road trip across the western US with his wife & 2 sons. This isn’t the first time they’ve gone for a long drive, so we asked him about some of the things he’s found to be essential when a family of 4 is living on 4 wheels.

  • [HEST TRAVEL PILLOW] - Honestly this thing is insanely comfortable. I use it at my house in Houston. You never know what kind of pillows you’re gonna get at roadside hotels. Remove the worry and sleep great with this essential road-trip item.
  • [Turtlebox] - Obviously... tunes at the Airbnb is a must.
  • [YETI GO-BOX] - We use this like a portable pantry. We keep our coffee, spices, tea kettle, and other necessities in here. It makes cooking a lot easier while traveling.
  • [Stack-O-Books] - Readers are leaders and leaders are readers. Always take some books. I’m currently reading Amphibious Soul by Craig Foster.
  • [LAMINATED MAP] - Track out your trip as you go, It’s fun to see your progress.
Hest Travel Pillow
Turtlebox and Yeti Go-Box
Laminated map


[NOISE CANCELING HEADPHONES] - Maybe the most essential road trip item on the list, mainly because it can save the lives of the young people in the backseat. Instead of going totally crazy at hour 9, put on some headphones and tune out to a great podcast. You will come out of that pod empowered to be a great parent and not yell at your kids.

Noise canceling headphones