An 86 Hour Fast With Chris Bodman


Music Moves You

I decided it was time. Time to do an extended fast, 86 hrs. to be precise. I’ve never done an extended fast, but being a health nerd, I’d heard of the many benefits. I’m married with 3 daughters, have been in the fitness industry for 15 years, own a gym, and coach several classes daily. I’ve heard stories, done research, and know the science (sort of). I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could do it and get those same results. I did this because I wanted to reap the benefits of ketosis - a process that happens when your body burns fat for energy and autophagy – the bodily process of removing bad cells and replacing them with healthy new ones. Word of this spread quickly through my gym crew, and before I knew it, a handful of us took on this challenge together.

Day one wasn’t too bad, but day two was pretty difficult. I started feeling a lot of hunger at times. I had low energy and fatigue. I was a bit “hangry” but kept a positive mindset. Staying busy, listening to music, and having a group do this together made it more tolerable. I continued working out at only a more moderate pace. I was just having a little difficulty pushing through. But I am happy I did.

After day 2, after 48+ hours without food, I added a little bone broth to stay “functioning” for work and home. I then have a mental breakthrough. I’m feeling energized, have good workouts, and stayed busy around the house with my newfound energy. My body must be starting to burn fat. I tested my ketone levels and was right in the fat-burning zone. This continues for another day. My hunger increased (not anything dramatic) around mealtimes like clockwork. During my workouts and at home, I keep music on to keep my mind focused. I found this helped me stay motivated. I don’t miss food as much as I miss the food ritual.

86 hours fast
86 hours fast

As for the health benefits of fasting, it’s hard to tell if fasting caused any immediately. But from what I’ve learned, the benefits are internal, leading to longevity and overall health. I plan on doing another extended fast at least once every 6-12 months and a 24-hour fast every week. I encourage anyone considering fasting to do their own research, start small, and build for their spiritual, emotional, or physical purpose.

Enjoying my daily workouts at the gym while listening to music has been a remarkable perk of owning a Turtlebox, which can be described as the “Yeti” of all speakers. As a portable speaker, the Turtlebox provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing me to use it whenever possible with utmost convenience.