Turtlebox is like a large rock

Just got back from 30 days out off grid. I was guiding 2 trips in Colorado and Utah, and then spent 2 weeks with Kenda Tire doing Backcountry Medical and Tire testing.

The reason I found your product, was that I had destroyed every speaker I bought.

The last one I had set on the tire of my rig, and then preceded to run it over. Well, I did it again! I was out With Kenda Tire, observing while they were testing tire compounds in different surfaces.

As always, I am now expected to bring my Turtlebox to entertain the group. I set the speaker on my front tire as a bad habit. When we finished, it was 107 degrees, and I was rushing to put my awning away as we were heading to the pool afterwards. I was the last one leaving the test area and hurried to keep up. The next thing I heard sounded exactly like when I broke my drive shaft. When I got out to look, there was nothing under the vehicle that looked wrong (speaker was still grinding around in the wheel well). Got back in and continued, and then felt the far side, both front and rear tires, drive over what seemed like a large rock. I knew I was on flat ground, but when I stopped this time, that's when I realized I had taken off and then driven over the Turtlebox.

Other than a couple gashes in the case from the ordeal, the speaker has not missed a beat.

My buddy from Kenda Tire bought it from me on the spot, and our Semi truck driver bought the other one I had with me. My truck was fully loaded at the time and weighed 6250 lbs.

Gen 2 Portable Speaker

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  • Premium Sound
  • 100% waterproof
  • 120 decibels
  • 20+ hours of playtime
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