Men's Journal tested Turtlebox and Here's What they Said...


If you’re a moonlight DJ, don’t be surprised if business falls off a little. While your music selecting may be in demand, your PA system is getting a run for its money by the Turtlebox, a new Bluetooth connect speaker that delivers a whole lot of loud through the convenience of a phone. We’re talking in the range of 120 decibels. That’s serious output… Ideal for your BBQ at the park, beach party, boating adventure or camping trip to the middle of nowhere, the Turtlebox combines outdoor ruggedness with sound that cuts through wind and travels distance. Imagine being able to bump Run the Jewels at the jobsite over power tools or Neil Young while cruising down a river?

It features an IP67 Waterproof Ingress Protection rating (this thing will still work after being submersed) and waterproof cap to protect your port openings as well as Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, Illuminated LED rubber pad for controls and handy USB-C TO charge your phone in the great outdoors. In a stroke of brilliance, they have even come up with Bluetooth Stereo pairing for when you have two Turtleboxes—Instant dance floor. The battery lasts 6 hours if you’re fully cranking Pearl Jam Vitalogy and 20 hours if you’re just chilling to Eddie Vedder’s solo stuff at a more reasonable volume. Built in tie-down anchors, wide rubber feet and rubber handle make it durable through your adventures.—Jon Coen, Men’s Journal contributor

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