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Looking for a speaker capable of accompanying you on your outdoor adventures that doesn’t compromise on sound quality? That’s the goal of the Turtlebox. With rugged build quality, IP67 water resistance, and superb audio, it’s a powerful, portable Bluetooth speaker. But is the Turtlebox loudspeaker right for you? Find out in our hands-on Turtlebox review!

The Turtlebox is a powerful loudspeaker that fuses audiophile caliber sound quality with a rugged build for a go-anywhere audio solution. It sports a single marine-grade 6 x 9-inch driver paired with a 1.25-inch tweeter. There’s a 9-cell Lithium-Ion battery rated for up to 20 hours of music playback at reasonable volumes and 6 hours as max volume. The beefy battery doubles for power delivery – you can use the Turtlebox as a powerbank to charge other devices.

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