Shallow Water Angler


The Shallow Water Angler magazine published an article about our Turtlebox. See below.

Turtlebox Gen 2

Built out of necessity in a garage in South-Central Texas, Turtlebox is a leading manufacturer of portable stereos built to withstand the harshest environments. Just like the original Turtlebox, the second generation is loud (up to 120dB), portable and entirely waterproof. The new version has a beefier grill and bigger tweeter, stronger handle, and 20+ hours of play time per charge. The power panel was moved to the front and includes larger illuminated buttons along the rubber control pad including volume control, play/pause and track skip. The power and charging ports were relocated to the rear, and along with a USB-C port that can charge a smartphone. Gen 2 also has a mic input. Our favorite feature is the ability to pair two Turtleboxes for stereo surround sound (Gen 2 only). Set them 30 feet apart and turn up the volume! Available in 5 speaker colors and 14 handle colors. MSRP starts at $399.

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