Newsweek compared the Turtlebox to a Sonos, Demerbox and Sony


The way a speaker sounds indoors is very different from how it sounds outdoors. A small, portable Bluetooth speaker that has an overall full sound sitting on a coffee table or nightstand likely can't muster that same quality while out camping or even in the backyard. Outside, sound dissipates in every direction, with no walls or a ceiling for it to bounce off of. To overcome this issue, a speaker usually needs to be quite large. Turtlebox isn't small, but it does employ a substantial size speaker along with other tricks to make it qualified to host good times outdoors.

Sure, the Turtlebox Bluetooth speaker can be used as a general-purpose speaker indoors, but it's really made to be outside. It's for people who head out on the water or into the wilderness regularly. It's even a speaker for more mundane use in the backyard or on a tailgate.

Anyone who has ever found themselves disappointed with other Bluetooth speakers for a lack of bass or a distorted sound when the volume gets too loud should really be considering a purpose-built speaker like the Turtlebox.

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