Spotlight on the Turtlebox Brand by Chasing Tides

At Chasing Tides we are constantly on the lookout for stories, people, and products that inspire and enhance our outdoor pursuits. We caught up recently with a company that has the story, the people, and the product to do just that. Turtlebox Audio is a Texas based company founded by four friends, and their flagship speaker is seriously turning heads. What started as a garage project has turned into an emerging disrupter in outdoor audio equipment. Apple, Disney, Harley Davidson, Google...Turtlebox? Never underestimate what a few beers, a few friends, and a few weeks (years) in your garage can lead to. Turtlebox Co-Founder, Jonathan McKenzie, joined us for this Brand Spotlight.

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Gen 2 Portable Speaker

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  • Premium Sound
  • 100% waterproof
  • 120 decibels
  • 20+ hours of playtime
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