Explanation for Turtlebox's Live Free Motto

Live Free - Listen Louder
Back when we lived together in a house on the Buffalo Bayou in Houston, we used "Live Free" as a motto for our lives. It was printed on a sign that hung over the back door as a reminder to Live Free when we went out into the world. The basic idea is to be unafraid of what others might think. The bible describes it as letting go of your fear of man, to instead consider what God would think. So, we became unafraid of the disapproval that more close-minded people in our lives might have of our actions and decisions. When one of us got in a rut or weren't happy or couldn't make a decision, another guy would tell him "Live Free" and it was a reminder to free ourselves of whatever the burden might be, to act boldly and take the bull by the horns and do what our gut said was right. Sometimes it manifested in crazy acts of fun such as riding our bikes through the grocery store at night blaring the Titanic song on a Turtlebox. We bought a boat together on a whim and it provided some of the most epic adventures we've ever had. We threw parties and got everyone dancing like no one was watching. We invited down-on-their-luck characters into our life and included them and helped them where we could. We lived communally in ways most people don’t. And, eventually all this gave us the courage to create a company that has helped us to Live Free and live the way we want everyday.
We have a Live Free sign in our office now and you'll see us continue to use the phrase on our website and in our marketing.  We hope it encourages you like it has us.
Live Free,
Will, Jon, Reagan and Jeff

Turtlebox Gen 2

Sale price$399.00

Just like the Gen 1 TURTLEBOX, the Gen 2 is LOUD, portable, waterproof and rugged.  Get crystal clear, distortion-free sound at up to 120dB that you can easily carry with one-hand. Pair any two Gen2 Turtlebox speakers together to enjoy True Left-Right Stereo Sound.

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Customer Reviews

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Almost 5 star

I bought 2 units. They sounds great, no issues pairing with my phone or each other.
My only thing is I wish they were just a bit louder, but thats just me. Just came back from a beach house vacation and they did very well surfside, overcame the surf noise and wind. I just like louder music, they were more than loud enough for my girl lol.

Joseph Navarro

Awesome speaker since first time I saw them!! I was sold day 1....

Michael Tackett

Awesome speaker

Best speaker on the market.

I have been a owner of Turleboxes from day one when they arrived. I have upgraded and own two Gen 2 and so does my son. You cannot find a better build portable waterproof speaker with this kind of volume and quality sound. And the customer service is as good as the speaker. Keep it up guys.

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